How to make scented water for ironing: a trick that will impress all housewives

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Scented water for ironing

Ironing can be made even more efficient and, most importantly, more enjoyable with scented water. It's an eco-friendly, simple, and effective solution for those who dislike the strong smell of laundry detergents.

You just need to mix two ingredients and pour them into the iron. The details were shared by Porady Interia.

Often, chemical detergents and fabric softeners contain potent substances that can cause allergies, rashes, and red spots on the skin. Therefore, it is much healthier and safer to prepare scented water yourself.

A nice bonus is savings: the product will be much cheaper than store-bought scents. This life hack will make ironing easier and infuse your clothes with a pleasant aroma without harming the fabric.

The necessary ingredients:

  • Essential oil
  • Water

How to prepare:

Step 1: Pour 250 ml of water into a spray bottle.

Step 2: Add a few drops of oil, depending on the intensity of the scent you want to achieve. The optimal dose is 10 drops.

Step 3: Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients well. After that, pour the contents of the bottle into the special hole in the iron.

There are two ways to use scented water. You can use the steam function while ironing, or you can simply spray the water on the clothes just before ironing.

By the way, you may find advice on the Internet that sparkling water will not only help steam clothes but also clean the iron from limescale inside. However, experts claim that this is a myth. Read the article to find out what kind of water to use to avoid damaging the iron.

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