How to make kalanchoe bloom: small tricks with guaranteed results

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There are few nuances of caring for kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a wonderful houseplant that combines the unpretentiousness of a succulent with beautiful, bright flowering. However, people often complain that they bought a flowerpot covered with flowers and it hasn't bloomed in a year or two. The problem may lie in the care mistakes made by some inexperienced owners.

The flowering season of the tropical plant is in late winter and early spring. OBOZ.UA has collected life hacks on how to care for the plant to help it bloom.

Shorten daylight hours

According to its natural cycle, kalanchoe begins to prepare for flowering when daylight hours gradually become shorter. Therefore, if you want to get flowers from the plant, place it where it will receive light for 8-10 hours a day, no more. In the evening, cover the pot with an air-permeable cover or place it in a room where the lights are hardly ever turned on.

It is also worth stopping watering for 3-4 weeks at this time to allow the plant to enter a dormant state. It is during this period that it will be engaged in the formation of buds. When the day begins to increase, you can return to the usual care regimen. Soon you should notice the first buds on it. By the way, you can pull the lighting trick with the plant so that it blooms out of its usual season.

Remove withered flowers

Inexperienced growers think that withered flowers on a plant do not affect its viability. However, this is not the case. In fact, it can spend energy on the formation of ovaries and seeds. And this hinders the development of new flowers. Therefore, do not be lazy to remove the withered flowers from the plant if you want it to bloom again.

Do not allow it to dry out

Even though kalanchoe is a succulent, it does not like to be underwatered. If you notice that your plant has become thin, be prepared for the fact that even though it will recover after watering, the next flowering will be postponed to a later time.

How do you know when to water a kalanchoe? After all, overwatering is no less destructive for it. Just wait until the soil in the pot under the plant is completely dry, and then water it right away.

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