How to increase the yield of potatoes: an ordinary foil will help

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Regular food foil can provide potatoes with the substances they need to grow.

Growing potatoes is considered almost the most important task of any gardener, because it is a starchy vegetable that becomes the basis of supplies for the winter. That's why the care of this plant has become covered with so many tips and tricks. Some of them may seem strange.

However, the tiphack with foil has stood the test of time. And OBOZREVATEL tells how you can significantly increase the yield of potatoes with the help of this item.

It is necessary to use this tool at the time of planting potatoes in the open ground. Foil includes aluminum, copper, iron and silicon - exactly the elements that the plant needs for good growth and great resistance to diseases and pests. The substances are released from the foil gradually, so it can become a kind of prolonged action fertilizer.

Therefore, before planting the potatoes, roll out of ordinary food foil small enough tight balls. Put one such ball in each hole together with the potatoes.

Apart from the fact that the foil will feed the plant as it grows, it will also make the soil around it looser. This will improve air access to the potato roots and the soil will become more comfortable for the tubers.

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