How to hide gray hair at home and is it okay to pull out gray hair with tweezers

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OBOZREVATEL has collected common ways to quickly and independently hide gray hair

For many decades, gray hair has not been a problem for beauties of all ages who knew how to dye their own hair or regularly visit hairdressers. However, in wartime conditions in many regions of Ukraine, such a luxury as a beauty salon is often unavailable.

Ukrainian women are faced with the urgent question of how to hide gray hair at home and whether it is possible to pull out sparse gray hairs on their own. OBOZREVATEL has gathered tips from fashion experts online to find an affordable solution to this problem (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

First of all, it's worth explaining that gray hair is not always a consequence of old age. Young women often face a similar problem due to genetic predisposition, bad habits, excessive stress, or illness.

To minimize the formation of whitened strands, you need to analyze your lifestyle and consult a doctor. However, if gray hair has already become an integral part of your beauty routine or a few white hairs have appeared, you can use one of the common tips on the web.

Dye your hair at home

The most effective and long-lasting way to hide gray hair is to dye it at home. If you can buy a suitable hair dye or a special spray that colors the strands before the first shampoo, you should use it.

You can dye your hair at home

By the way, there is a myth that two gray hairs appear in place of one pulled out gray hair. We hasten to assure you that this is not true. Randy Schuller, a scientist and cosmetologist, told Today that only one more hair can grow in its place. And, if you're lucky, it won't necessarily be gray.

However, this method should not be abused as such a harsh procedure can damage the hair follicle forever.

Change your hairstyle

If you don't have time for salon procedures at home, changing your hairstyle will help. Gray hair most often appears on the temples and parting, so it makes sense to pin up or fix the hair with varnish to cover the "problem" areas.

Changing your hairstyle will help hide gray hair

Add volume

It's much easier to hide hateful gray hairs that are clearly visible on straight hair in lush hair. To do this, you can make voluminous curls and even braid your hair.

By the way, massive braids on the top of the head also help to avoid unnecessary questions about gray hair. In addition, a complex hairstyle will distract attention from stale coloring.

Voluminous hairstyle to distract attention from gray hair

More accessories

The modern fashion and beauty industry offers beauties a variety of ways to experiment with their hair. For example, an elegant scarf on your head or woven into your hair will hide even a few gray strands.

If the weather or conditions don't allow you to use this life hack, hoops, barrettes, headbands, etc. will come in handy. You can hide bleached hair under them and complement your look with a bright accent.

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