How to heat food in the microwave without it exploding or splashing

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Be careful when heating food in the microwave

The microwave oven has made life much easier for everyone, because now you don't need to use a frying pan or saucepan to heat up a portion of food: you just put it on a plate and put it on the microwave. But traditionally, there are two sides to the coin: despite the fact that most food we heat up in the microwave behaves well, some food likes to give us explosive surprises.

OBOZREVATEL explains the simple rules for heating food in the microwave, which will allow you to leave everything clean.

How to prevent food from exploding and splashing

Heat food in the microwave on low heat. If you turn the power up a little, it will take a little longer to heat up, but this will avoid the sudden heat that can lead to messy surprises.

Always use a fork to pierce food. This will prevent steam from building up inside the food, which can lead to an explosion.

If you are reheating liquid food, never put a lid on it or seal it. It may seem like it will heat up better, but in fact it will create steam under the lid, which will probably find its way out during reheating and you will have a dirty microwave waiting for you.

Do not use the microwave for too long. Even if it seems like it takes a long time to reheat food, it is better to do it a few times by stopping the microwave for a few seconds. It is also a good idea to stir the food while it is heating. This will improve the distribution of heat and allow you to heat up a portion faster.

The simplest tip is to buy and use a plastic splatter-proof lid for your microwave. It is inexpensive, but it will save you many times when heating "explosive" food.

If you did under-dust your food and now you need to clean the microwave, OBOZREVATEL previously told you how to do it easier.

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