How to grow big and sweet watermelons: simple tips

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With proper care, watermelons can be harvested even in the northern regions

Most gardeners believe that watermelon is a sun-loving fruit and can only grow in the southern regions of Ukraine. The first statement is true, but with the right approach, the sweet berry can be grown in any garden.

OBOZREVATEL found out how to cultivate of the plant. It turned out that there are very few secrets.

In the northern regions, it is better to grow watermelons in a greenhouse. In addition, you should choose a hybrid variety as it will be more resistant to the specifics of the climate.

To germinate hard-shelled seeds, you should first soak them in warm water for an hour. The seeds that float up are not suitable for germination and can be thrown away. After the water has cooled, put the rest in a container, cover with foil, and give them time to sprout.

It is better to grow watermelons for seedlings in a mixture of universal soil and humus with the addition of mineral fertilizers. The mixture is placed in cups with a drainage hole and the seeds are buried 4 centimeters deep. Seedlings can be transplanted into the greenhouse when three leaves appear on the sprouts. The area for the greenhouse should be in the fall.

Open ground for watermelons should be sandy loam. It is good if it has previously been used for growing potatoes, cabbage, legumes, carrots, or onions.

You can transfer the sprouts to the ground when the spring frosts are over. This is usually the end of May.

Before planting watermelons in the garden, the soil should be loosened and enriched with compost. The distance between the seedlings should be 25 cm. It is best to keep them in greenhouse conditions until the end of June to protect them from the slightest risk of temperature drop.

About a week after the seedlings are transferred to the soil, ammonium nitrate should be added with watering. And 7 days later, start adding mineral fertilizers to the water. The soil under the plants also needs regular loosening.

Watermelon is a juicy fruit, so it needs abundant and frequent watering. However, after the plant blooms, the amount of water should be cut in half. If watermelons are watered too much during the ovary and ripening stages, they will grow unsweetened and tasteless.

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