How to get the most out of cleaning: tips for perfectionists

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The pleasure of cleaning

For most people, cleaning is a necessary routine and boring chore. This is because it is much more pleasant and easier to get dopamine, the hormone of happiness, by sitting on the couch and flipping through the news.

However, there are several ways to make yourself enjoy doing useful things. Experts from Ideal Home told us how to make the cleaning process as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Don't wait for inspiration

Usually, motivation to do not the most pleasant things appears very rarely. Our goal is to take action, not wait. Try to remind yourself why you need to clean in the first place. Perhaps you want to do it now so that you can relax in comfort and coziness on the weekend or you have guests coming over in a few days.

When you are clear about the reason and feel motivated to achieve the result, your brain will be set to release dopamine, which plays a key role in motivation and pleasure. When this hormone is released, it gives us a sense of pleasure and encourages us to keep going.

How to get the most out of cleaning: tips for perfectionists

Visualize the result

Similar to finding the cause, visualizing the desired outcome and realizing it will give you a dopamine reward. Imagine how nice it is to see your home clean and organized.

Divide a large task into stages

When you have too much work around the house, it may seem impossible to complete it. Thus, try dividing a big task into several small and simple ones. The shorter the task, the easier it is to complete. For example, instead of thinking, "I need to clean up the kitchen," break the goal down into small steps:

  • wash the cups;
  • soak the frying pan;
  • collect garbage;
  • wipe down surfaces, etc.

After completing each sub-item, your brain will feel like it has already achieved a certain result and will give you the motivation to move on.

Use a timer for motivation

Another way to feel a sense of accomplishment and get dopamine is to set a timer and try to complete as many tasks as possible before the time runs out. Give yourself 20-25 minutes to work, then take a short break, and so on in a circle.

When you know you are limited by time, it is much easier to focus on cleaning. Plus, you'll see how much you've accomplished in a short amount of time, and this progress will motivate you to start the next task.

Track your progress

When you achieve a result, the hormone of happiness is released, so don't forget to track your progress. For convenience, you can write a task checklist and cross off each item you complete.

Create a reward system and treat yourself after completing each task.

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