How to get rid of scratches on your smartphone: useful tips

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How to remove scratches on your phone

Over time, scratches may appear on your smartphone. Active use of the gadget also causes the display to wear out, and the screen becomes covered with microcracks.

The most universal advice is to always use a protective film and change it regularly. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to remove scratches on a smartphone screen.

Protective film or glass

Immediately after buying a new gadget, experts advise buying a protective glass. A protective film will also prevent new scratches and can hide existing ones.

Special solvent

Isopropyl alcohol or a special screen cleaner will also improve the condition of the display.

You will need to take:

  • a small amount of alcohol or solventa
  • soft cloth

Apply the solvent to the cloth and wipe the screen, paying special attention to the areas with scratches.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to put pressure on your smartphone during cleaning, as this can damage the gadget.

Car wax

Experts say that car wax can hide scratches. Apply it to a cloth and wipe the screen near the scratches. Remove any wax residue with a dry, soft cloth.


The principle of operation is similar to the previous one. Wipe the scratches on the display with a small amount of toothpaste applied to a cloth. Then use a dry cloth to remove the residue.

Life hack with baking soda

Mix baking soda with water to make a thick paste. Apply it to the fabric and gently wipe off the scratches.

These life hacks can hide the scratches, but you won't be able to get a completely new screen. In addition, you should be careful, especially with baking soda, so as not to further damage the display.

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