How to get rid of pests in the garden: the secret way

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How to get rid of pests in the garden: the secret way

Vegetable pests can ruin crops, so they must be dealt with regularly. Not everyone wants to use chemical means, believing that they can negatively affect the quality and taste of fruits.

Specialists advised an environmentally friendly and safe way to get rid of caterpillars, mites, and aphids. Details told the publication Porady Interia.

Black elderberry

Black elderberry has long been used in phytotherapy. Elderberry is often grown in gardens, but it is most often found in vacant lots, fields, and forests. For this reason, the term wild elderberry is also used.

Flowers and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, but they definitely need proper heat treatment. In their pure form, they will be poisonous.

Elderberry spray from pests

Experienced gardeners say that elderberry spraying will help get rid of pests. Elderberry spray will protect against aphids, which multiply quickly and suck the healing juices from plants. Elderberries will also protect vegetable crops from caterpillars and mites.

Elderberry extract is universal. Its application does not carry the risk of absorption of chemicals and also does not pose a threat to useful insects.

How to prepare elderberry spray

Preparing a plant protection product with black elderberry extract will not be difficult or expensive.

1 kg of fresh elderberry leaves and flowers need to be crushed and placed in a plastic bucket. Pour the herbs with plenty of water (at least 10) and leave for a day in a shaded cool place. Then the mixture should be strained and diluted with water in the proportion 1:10.

Specialists caution: the solution prepared in this way should be used immediately. He is unsuitable for long-term storage.

Black Elderberry to increase fertility

In the arsenal of natural fertilizers, you can include black elderberry manure. It should be prepared in the same proportion as the spray - only the timing changes. Leaves and flowers in water need about two weeks to carry out the fermentation process.

After diluting the product with water, it is used to water beds, flowerbeds, and lawns. It is usually used to increase soil fertility. And undiluted elderberry can be used to scare away moles and voles - you just need to pour a small amount of fertilizer around their burrows. The pungent smell will discourage rodents from your beds.

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