How to get rid of horseradish in the garden: the secret of experienced gardeners

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How to get the horseradish out of the garden

Horseradish, if allowed to sprout uncontrollably on the bed, will bring a lot of trouble to gardeners. It would seem that horseradish is a fairly useful plant, so what is the danger?

In fact, horseradish will be a bad neighbor to almost all vegetable crops, because its sprawling leaves will shade other plants. How to get rid of horseradish in the garden - read the article OBOZREVATEL.

What is the danger of horseradish

If you allow horseradish to grow freely in a bed for a year or two, there is no danger. The main problem is that horseradish literally occupies the plots, braids all the free space with its roots and "survives" its neighbors.

Ordinary digging will help little, the tenacity of horseradish is so amazing that it will revive even from the slightest root residue. The roots are capable of growing up to 7 meters deep.

How to remove horseradish

The two basic rules for dealing with horseradish can be summarized as follows:

  1. Do not cut the roots with a shovel or other sharp objects. This is useless. There is even a risk that the horseradish will start to take roots even deeper.
  2. After treatment, carefully remove all small particles from the roots from the ground, otherwise they will begin to sprout again in a few days.

Fresh horseradish cuts should be sprinkled immediately with kitchen salt. Often experts advise spraying horseradish with herbicides. But pay attention, herbicides will only make the leaves turn yellow, this method will have no effect on the roots.

Remove the roots not with a shovel, but with a special fork that picks up the roots and extracts them from the soil.

The site with horseradish can be covered with a strong light-proof material, such as roofing felt, and pressed from above. Without light, all plants die, and the tenacious horseradish is no exception.

In general, horseradish is better planted in separate metal or plastic containers or fence beds with this plant by deep trenches.

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