How to fall asleep in two minutes: the military's secret

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You can fully master the technique in six weeks

In times of great stress, falling asleep normally becomes a real problem. Some people resort to meditation, others to medication. But there is a method used by the military, for whom quality rest is a professional necessity, and comfortable conditions to sleep are not always available.

The popular Canadian fitness blogger Justin Augustine shared it on his TikTok. According to him, the method helps you fall asleep in just 2 minutes from the moment you close your eyes. The blogger noted that, according to his data, the method was developed for military pilots who need all their concentration, which cannot be maintained without a good night's sleep.

To start falling asleep, you need to lie down and take the most comfortable position, and then relax every part of your body. You can do this by gradually shifting your attention from muscle to muscle, starting with the forehead, cheeks, jaw, moving further down the body and ending with the toes. At the same time, you should monitor your breathing so that it is even and calm.

It is also good to imagine two waves of heat in succession. One should flow from the head through the shoulders to the arms, and the other from the heart to the feet.

You should imagine one of two pictures. You are lying in a canoe in the middle of a lake, with only a clear blue sky above you. Or you are relaxing in a velvet black hammock in a darkened black room.

If something starts to distract you or you start thinking about something else, repeat the phrase to yourself for 10 seconds: "Don't think."

To develop the habit of falling asleep in this way, Augustin says you need to practice the method every night for six weeks. Almost all people who have mastered this method have learnt to fall asleep two minutes after closing their eyes, the blogger says.

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