How to drive away cockroaches from your home: a simple trick with bay leaves

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Bay leaves help get rid of pests

When cockroaches or ants appear in the house, it is a real disaster, because it can be very difficult to drive them out. The pests will not want to leave the "inhabited" territory so easily.

And it's not just about external discomfort - you don't really want uninvited "guests" running around on the kitchen table in your absence. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to get rid of cockroaches and ants with the help of bay leaves.

Cockroaches are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases: salmonellosis, dysentery, meningitis, etc. Moving through sewer pipes, they bring pathogens into the house that can cause allergies, dermatitis and other skin reactions.

Cockroaches, which spread an unpleasant smell due to traces of vital activity and reproduction, are not very fond of pungent aromas themselves. That's why experts say that bay leaves are a very effective way to fight pests.

It is recommended to scatter dry leaves in the corners of the room and in places where cockroaches usually appear. You can also put bay leaves on shelves where cereals are stored.


The pungent smell will repel pests. But you shouldn't limit yourself to folk methods. If your home suffers from periodic cockroach "raids", you can't do without specialists. Professional pest control should be carried out.

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