How to clean your smartphone from dirt and avoid paying lots for it

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How to clean your smartphone from dirt

Smartphones have taken their place so firmly in people's lives that some people don't part with them not only at their desk, but also in the bathroom. There's your mail, endless social media, a gallery of photos taken and, of course, games. It's not surprising that in the hands of some people the smartphone turns into a kind of "bacteriological weapon", because even the idea that it needs to be washed (not just wiped down the screen!) does not occur to people.

If you're ready to clean all the hard-to-reach places of your smartphone, OBOZREVATEL will tell you how to do it without getting paid.

Clean the case of your smartphone

Your favorite fancy smartphone case can actually be as dirty as a toilet seat, according to a study at the University of Arizona. That's right, scientists found that the average cell phone has 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Can you imagine that? Now quickly take the phone out of its case and wash it.

Fortunately, you don't need a lot of cleverness here: you can just moisten it with water and rub it with soap. You can also wipe it with disinfectant and wipes. The main thing is to do it thoroughly.

Use Medical Alcohol

One of the best ways to clean your phone is to use a clean microfiber cloth lightly dampened in medical alcohol. You can also use regular antibacterial wipes that contain alcohol, but then you'll have to clean the lint off the phone later.

Do not use ammonia-based products to clean your phone, as they can damage your smartphone screen.

If you don't want to use medical alcohol, buy special phone cleaning sprays that are safe to use on smartphone screens.

Don't forget the charging port

If you've noticed your phone taking longer to charge or your wired headphones have started to turn off during use for no particular reason, you may have a problem. But don't panic.

Even those who take care of their phone by washing and wiping it regularly forget that the port where the charger or headphones plug in also needs to be cleaned.

To do this, you can use a regular toothpick to remove the dust and dirt that has collected there or purchase a can of compressed air to help blow out the dirt.

Metal objects such as needles, although thinner than a toothpick, should not be used to clean the ports as they can damage the contacts.

Use a toothbrush

Don't be surprised, but the speakers, the connection between the screen and the case, or the back cover and the case can also collect dust and the easiest way to clean them is with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

It's also ideal if you need to clean a button phone.

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