How to clean trendy boucle furniture without damaging it: tips

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Recently, the popularity of boucle fabric has increased, so the issue of proper care for products made of it is more relevant than ever. Therefore, if you have such a product or plan to buy it in the future, it is worth investigating the issue of caring for boucle fabric.

In an article for Ideal Home, experts shared effective tips that will help you maintain the appearance of your boucle furniture without any stains or discoloration.

If you take proper care of your boucle furniture, it will serve you for many years, pleasing your eyes with its unique look.

Caring for this material is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. However, it is worth remembering that boucle is a very fragile material, so delicacy is a guarantee of success.

"Boucle is very popular as a sofa fabric. It is a soft and pleasant to the touch material. Despite its soft texture, it is quite durable. But it takes some effort to keep your sofa clean and looking great," says the cleaning expert.

Experts have compiled a list of the best products for the care of boucle furniture.

How to clean trendy boucle furniture without damaging it: tips


Boucle sofas can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The best choice is to use a soft brush attachment to remove dust and dirt.

"To make sure that you remove all the dust and dirt from the fabric, make sure to change the direction in which you move the vacuum cleaner about every 5-10 seconds," the expert advises.


You can also use a regular brush, but it must be soft. In addition, a soft brush can be used to lift and fluff up the fabric after it has been slightly crushed by the vacuum.

Cleaning roller

The sticky roller is the last thing you should use to clean the fabric. The reason for this is that this tool will help to remove small dust particles that are still left after vacuuming and brushing. This will prevent the fabric from darkening over time.

These were all tips for everyday care, but no one is immune to dirt.

If liquid or dirt gets on your boucle sofa, you should immediately blot it with paper towels or a hygroscopic cloth. Then you can use any delicate cleaning agent.

Always use blotting motions instead of rubbing to prevent distortion of the texture. Wipe the stain from the outer edges to the center to avoid further spreading
- The expert recommends.

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