How to clean a kitchen sink: a simple tip

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The plumbing rope can also be made with your own hands

The sink in the kitchen can get clogged quite often. There is a lot of food scraps and grease that goes down the drain on a daily basis, which can settle on the pipe and narrow its opening. Therefore, it will be very useful to have an effective way to clean it.

Sante Plus suggests doing it with a plumbing rope. This method does not require any aggressive chemicals and will work quickly enough. This device has the form of a long wire with a rotating handle. It should be lowered into the drain and using the handle to mechanically clean the pipe.

There are professional types of this tool. For example, they are attached to an electric drill or screwdriver and run on electricity. But such cables are expensive. A simpler version can be purchased for a couple of hundred hryvnias or even made with your own hands from improvised materials.

How to make your own plumbing rope

Take a fairly thick and long wire, if you have one, or a regular wire clothes hanger. You have to straighten the hanger into a wire with pliers or a similar tool. In doing so, keep the bent end - this will be your spinning handle.

If necessary, trim the working end of the wire at an angle so that it will easily fit into the sink drain. The tool is now complete.

How to use a plumbing rope

To clear the clog, carefully, without using force, lower the working end of the rope into the drain. Gradually move it forward until you hit an obstacle. This will not necessarily be the clog itself, but, for example, a pipe joint. To make sure you get to the problem, try raising the cable a few centimeters, repositioning it slightly, and pushing it through again. If the cable hits the same obstacle again, it's a clog.

Now start gradually moving the device back and forth inside the pipe to break through the clog. At the same time, use the handle to rotate the rope. It will be very good to pour hot water into the drain at the same time - this should make the task easier. Make sure that the rope is taut at all times.

When you feel that the clog is broken and the rope is free to pass on, the tool can be removed. And flush the pipe with plenty of hot water. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. The same method will work with clogs in the bathroom.

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