How to choose chemical-free strawberries: main rules

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Even early strawberries can be chosen correctly if you follow these tips

The first strawberries have already started to appear on the markets. Of course, it's not yet a ground berry, and it's too early to expect its full flavor and sweetness. However, it's time to remind ourselves of the rules for choosing the right strawberries so that we don't end up with chemical-treated or spoiled ones.

OBOZREVATEL has collected the main tips from experts. They will come in handy even when you're picking early berries.


Quality strawberries should have the correct rounded or elongated shape and have a wreath of healthy and fresh green leaves. If the leaves are torn off, germs can get inside the berry through the tear, which will quickly spoil it. Dried leaves will indicate that the berry has been lying around for some time and you are unlikely to be able to store it even for a short time.

You should also pay attention to the fit of the leaves to the berry. If they fit tightly, the strawberries are likely to have a sour taste. If there is a distance between the flesh and the greens, it is a sweet variety.


Healthy, high-quality strawberries have a uniform red-pink color. If it is very bright or dark, it indicates that the berry was picked at the peak of ripeness, or is even overripe. In this case, it may have a less pronounced watery taste and will spoil very quickly. The presence of chemicals in the plant may also be indicated by an unnaturally bright color.

Unripe strawberries are given off by green spots and a white tip of the berry. A pale color can also be a sign of unripeness.


Naturally grown strawberries have a pronounced flavor. If it is almost odorless and has a weak taste, it may mean that its growth and ripening were accelerated by special substances. Foreign odors, especially unpleasant ones, will surely give away chemical-treated strawberries.

Which berries you should definitely avoid

Gray rotten spots on strawberries indicate that they are infected with the Botrytis cinerea fungus. It quickly spoils the berries on which it has settled and instantly spreads to neighboring ones. Thus, such a purchase would be a waste of money.

How to store strawberries properly

In any case, the sweet berry will not last long even in the refrigerator. However, you can still extend its shelf life. To do this, you need to clean and sort through all the fruits you have purchased, throw away the slightly spoiled ones, and eat the crumpled ones as soon as possible. Even one spoiled strawberry will quickly get to the rest of the berries.

It is best to lay out strawberries for storage in a single layer on a dry surface and then send them to the refrigerator. If you want to freeze them, wash and dry them. Then put the berries one by one on a cutting board and freeze them in such portions in turn. In this state, they can be put into bags for long-term storage.

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