How to check if your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi: easy ways

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How to know if someone is using your Internet

There are many reasons why your Wi-Fi connection suddenly becomes slower, from router failures to ISP outages. Sometimes you just need to restart your router, but often the problem is that your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi.

Few people know that it's easy to check if your Wi-Fi is being stolen - you can do it through a special administrative panel. Sante Plus told you how to find out if your neighbors are using your Internet.

Having access to the administration panel, the owner of the router can view how many users are connected to the network. Experts warn - you should do it to make sure you are safe. Sometimes Wi-Fi is stolen not just for the sake of free Internet, but for the purpose of hacking messengers or collecting personal data. Routers show the history of browsing and clicks on links on the network.

How to know if someone is stealing Wi-Fi

The first thing to do is to check the administrator logs. Experts advise to enter the following combinations: "" and "". You will see if there are sites that you have not visited among the browsing history.

For smartphones and tablets, you can download the "Fing" app for iOS and "Network scanner" for Android. With "Wireshark" IP scanner, you can detect network thieves on your PC.

And be sure to change your Wi-Fi password if you suspect that someone is using your Internet. It is recommended to change your password every 3-6 months.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told that the ideal option is to come up with a mixed password of numbers, letters and symbols. To solve such an 11-digit password would take at least 3 thousand years.

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