How to care for your shoes in winter to make them last longer: 6 effective tips

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In winter, the boots are exposed to destructive reagents.

In winter, shoes require special care. That's because,they wear out much faster than in any other season due to temperature changes and different weather and road chemicals. However, there are six life hacks that will keep your boots looking perfect for a long time.

OBOZREVATEL has collected the most effective tips for caring for winter shoes, depending on the material and means. These secrets will help you prevent premature wear-out of your favorite boots.

Shoes need proper care.

Proper drying. Shoes dry out and lose their shape at very high temperatures. Therefore, it is important to dry them properly. It should be room temperature. It will be even better if you use special dryers. They will never damage the boots as a battery can.

Protection against reagents. In winter, there can be elements on the roads that destroy shoes. Therefore, they should be protected before going out. Special sprays and creams that need to be applied before leaving the house will help. Solid creams resist salt well.

Eliminate odor. If the unpleasant odor is not eliminated in a timely and regular manner, you will have to throw away the shoes because it will be impossible to help it. In addition to antifungal and disinfectant sprays, insoles should be replaced occasionally. They are the source of bad odor.

Correct selection of "shoe accessories". Shoes made of different materials require different accessories for their care. Therefore, there should be a "shoe first aid kit" in the house with the brushes necessary for each pair of boots. The same goes for creams, which today exist for each individual material.

Other tools. Special sole pads will help protect your shoes from damage and reagents, making them easier to care for.

Timely care. Shoes should be cleaned after every time you go outside. It is better to do this immediately until all dirt has dried at room temperature. Cream and spray should be applied 30-40 minutes before leaving the house so that it can penetrate the product.

Leather shoes should be cleaned regularly.

It is also important to have a change of shoes. This will allow you not only to change your look but also to keep a certain pair longer.

Do not dry your shoes on a battery.

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