How to care for the Christmas poinsettia flower so that it pleases the eye for the holidays

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Poinsettias need warmth, moderate watering and moist air

The traditional plant for Christmas and New Year's holidays is, of course, the Christmas tree. But it's not the only thing that can delight the eye during this period. The poinsettia or Christmas spurge blooms in winter, producing inflorescences of small yellow flowers surrounded by a rosette of bright red leaves. It looks very festive.

However, people experienced in growing flowerpots warn that if not properly cared for, the poinsettia can die just before the flowering season. Therefore, British gardener Letitia McLoof shared with the Express the secrets of growing the Christmas Euphorbia.

First of all, it is important for those who want to have this plant to remember that its juice is very toxic. Although the poinsettia is not dangerous for children and pets, if it comes into contact with the skin, the plant's juices can cause severe irritation, so you should only work with it with gloves.

Do not allow the plant to freeze

Poinsettia likes bright, diffused light and temperatures around 13-15°C. However, it is a tropical plant, so it simply cannot survive hypothermia. It is best to keep the poinsettia in rooms with central heating, but not on the windowsill, because there are drafts there, in particular during ventilation, and not near the door for the same reason. Also, choose a place so that the plant is not exposed to direct sunlight.

When you buy a Christmas spurge for your home, pay attention to its condition. Wilting leaves can be a sign that it has been stored in cold conditions. It is very likely that such a plant will die. Also, make sure that the poinsettia does not freeze while you are transporting it - wrap the pot in something warm and cover the plant itself.

Avoid waterlogging

Poinsettias do best with moderate watering. McLoof recommends watering the plant only when the soil in the pot starts to dry out and moistening it with a moderate amount of water. "If you give it too much or too little water, it will affect the leaves - they will turn yellow and wilt," the expert says.

Protect from dry air

All tropical plants like to have plenty of moisture in the air around them. To do this, spray the poinsettia regularly with soft, settled or filtered water at room temperature. If you don't have the time to spray, simply place the pot on a larger tray with pebbles or sphagnum and add water from time to time. Then it will create comfortable conditions for the plant as it evaporates.

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