How Shevchenko, Marchuk, and Primachenko would draw the burning Kremlin: a neural network showed impressive pictures

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After the success of the online collection of pictures of the burning Moscow Kremlin, created by artificial intelligence in the style of the world's famous artists, its author was asked to do the same but already based on the paintings of Ukrainian painters. And Midjourney neural networks also set such a task.

Ukrainian game designer Sergey Mokhov made some pictures in the style of Taras Shevchenko, Maria Primachenko, Ivan Marchuk, Tatyana Yablonskaya, and Kazimir Malevich. He published the images on his Twitter. To see the paintings, skip to the end of the news.

In Shevchenko's realistic landscape, a large-scale fire is reflected in detail in the water, creating an additional space for a long-awaited disaster. Primachenko's naive painting is accompanied by fairy-tale creatures joyfully flying over the burning Kremlin. Marchuk's plentanism is striking in the number of small brushstrokes that convey the riotousness of the element of fire. Although Yablonskaya painted little urban landscapes, the neural network-generated painting of Moscow buildings generally conveys her style, which is close not so much to Social Realism as to Impressionism. Finally, the avant-garde painting in the style of Malevich reflects a spectacular catastrophe with a set of forms that evoke strong emotion in the viewer. It is the powerful emotionality of the images that unite the Ukrainian part of the selection created by Sergey Mokhov in the new version of Midjourney 5.1.


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