How often to water hanging flower pots in summer: the ideal option

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Sun and open air dry out the soil faster in hanging pots.

Do you have hanging plant baskets on your balcony, porch or patio? Then it's important to know how to water them properly, especially in the heat of summer. Being outdoors, they require a slightly different watering regime than vases indoors.

The main problem with watering hanging plants arises from the fact that their location on an elevated position makes it difficult to control the level of moisture. There is a risk of overwatering the flower or giving it not enough water. OBOZREVATEL tells you how to cope with this problem.

How often hanging baskets need watering

As a general rule, plants that grow in containers - any, not just hanging ones - need more frequent watering than those that grow in soil. And hanging ones are also exposed to direct sunlight, so they need to be watered even more often.

This is why experienced gardeners recommend checking the condition of the substrate in the baskets every day. It will be enough to deepen a finger about two centimeters and assess the moisture content of the soil. If it seems dry, it is better to water immediately.

You can also lift the basket from underneath to check. If it feels light, then there definitely isn't enough water in the soil and it's time to bring it in to make the plant feel good.

In general, experts recommend watering plants in baskets 2-3 times a week. On cool and cloudy days, this frequency may be a little lower. In hot weather, you can water a little more frequently.

How to water hanging plants

To simplify the task of tending plants in hanging containers, you can use a watering can with a narrow neck or a sprinkler on a small radius handle. The key is to get the water into the soil and not to pour it on the plant. Excessive wetting of the leaves and stems can be detrimental to it.

It's best to take rain or standing water - tap water will be too hard for the plants. It should also be allowed to warm up to room temperature. Cold water can damage the roots.

Ideally, watering should be done early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent moisture evaporating from the soil during the hottest hours.

Another common mistake when caring for plants in the summer is overwatering. Trying to save them from the heat, many amateur gardeners put too much effort. And this can ruin the flower. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure good drainage in the pot. Through the drainage layer, excess water will drain into the tray. This will also give the roots better access to air.

What to do if you don't have time to water every day

Even busy owners can arrange for a hanging garden on their balcony. Special pots with auto-irrigation or devices that dose moisture into the substrate can, for example, help.

And you can choose to plant drought-tolerant species of plants. For example, succulents. So crucifers or some species of crassulas can form beautiful cascades of shoots. Chlorophytum or epipremnum tolerate drought well. There is a choice and there will be something to decorate the balcony.

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