How cats thank you: gestures that show affection for the owner

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How cats express gratitude to their owner

Not all cats are prone to active displays of affection. Some quadrupeds are too willful and independent, so there is a stereotype in society that cats are ungrateful, fastidious and a bit insolent creatures who feel like real masters of the house.

No one has yet been able to accurately unravel the language of animals. But experts say: to understand the emotions and feelings just watch the behavior of the animal. OBOZREVATEL investigated the gestures of gratitude to cats and how they show their goodwill.

Cats are not as selfish as they are painted to be. They have their own ways of expressing gratitude. Many aspects of behavior depend on the breed as well. Mekong bobtails and ragdolls, for example, are very sociable and contactable, they get attached to their owners and love affection. But Hausi and Savannah cats can be aggressive if you touch them when they do not want to, but it does not mean that the animal does not have warm feelings towards you.

So, here are the main signs that the cat feels favorable to you.

1. The first and most obvious sign is purring. Cats purr when they feel safe. It is also a sign of pleasure and relaxation.

2 Sometimes cats start to lick their owners' fingers or palms. This indicates affection and affection. The pet really trusts you.

3. There is an unmistakable expression of gratitude in cats that people usually do not appreciate. A grateful cat will start bringing you gifts - mice, birds, or an insect caught on the windowsill. By ignoring such a display of affection, you can make the cat very sad. So, try not to yell at your pet when you see a caught mouse on the doorstep.

4. Experts say that the habit to "tag" shoes or bed is also a kind of gratitude. But it is not true - in this way cats can also take revenge for the offense.

By the way, the experts picked up a rating of the most obedient cats, with whom it is easy to find a common language. Which cats will quickly learn to go to the litter box and will not harm the house - read in this material.

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