How and what you should never clean your iPhone: Don't make these mistakes

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How to clean the iPhone from dirt and not to damage it

Sooner or later every iPhone smartphone user comes to the realization that his gadget, like any other object, can be very dirty, even if it does not look like one. Especially since studies have already proven that cell phones can have tens of thousands of bacteria on them, making them dirtier than toilet seats.

However, before using any cleansers on a smartphone, we all want to make sure that it will be safe and that we will not damage the expensive equipment. The publication 9to5Mac has published the rules that we need to adhere to for cleaning the Apple gadget.

How not to clean your iPhone

For a long time, Apple did not provide any comments on the use of alcohol or the use of disinfectant wipes to clean the iPhone, but in 2020 the company said that they could be used. However, the company warned that wipes containing alcohol can erase the oleophobic coating of the screen, which protects it from "collecting" fingerprints. Therefore, Apple advises to use protective glass, which will protect the main screen.

There are other strict prohibitions when cleaning the iPhone:

  • do not use cleaning sprays (sprays with bleach, hydrogen peroxide, etc.);
  • do not use compressed air to clean the speakers and openings;
  • do not leave the smartphone connected to the charger;
  • do not immerse the iPhone in detergents or spray them into the openings of the smartphone.

How to properly clean your iPhone

The best way to clean your iPhone is with a microfiber cloth or similar cloth that will not leave lint behind. You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol.

The liquid that you will use to clean should be sprayed exclusively on the wipe, but not on the smartphone.

You can use disinfectant wipes for cleaning, but as long as they do not contain bleach.

To clean the speakers and remove dust from the ports of the gadget, you can use Blu Tack sticky plasticine, which leaves no traces, but collects dust and dirt.

What to do to your iPhone before cleaning

Apple recommends that you turn off your iPhone completely before cleaning it and make sure that it is disconnected from all cables and accessories.

It is advised to first wipe the iPhone with a clean microfiber cloth, and then wipe with an already moistened piece of microfiber if necessary.

After that, you can wipe the iPhone with disinfectants.

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