Five unexpected benefits of giving up dairy products revealed

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We are used to thinking that dairy products are healthy, but in fact they are not

Dairy products are traditionally considered to be among the healthiest on our table. For example, daily kefir can have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract - it improves the intestinal microflora. And cottage cheese is an excellent source of protein.

But, according to ArchZine, milk can only be of real benefit to children. At a young age, it is well absorbed by the body. But the adult body is no longer so well adapted to digest milk and dairy products. Therefore, nutrition experts are increasingly advising us to look for nutrients that we usually get from milk in other foods. Here's a list of five rather unexpected health problems that can be solved by giving up milk.

Stop headaches

If you sleep well, are not under constant stress, do not abuse coffee and limit your alcohol intake, and migraine-like headaches still plague you, try giving up dairy products for a while and observe how your body reacts. It is known that aged cheeses contain tyramine, a substance that affects the condition of blood vessels, which can cause headaches. Other fermented dairy products are also among the factors that provoke this type of pain.

Stabilise the emotional background

Some studies indicate a correlation between dairy consumption and symptom severity in people suffering from various neuropsychiatric disorders. Researchers believe that the milk protein casein can trigger an immune response in those suffering from depression, increased anxiety and even autism and schizophrenia, which exacerbates the manifestations of these diseases. It is likely that the reason may also lie in the hormones contained in milk. Therefore, those who have already had enough of the emotional rollercoaster and want to stop it are also advised to try a dairy-free diet before starting to correct their condition with drugs.

Get rid of bloating

Let's return to the issue of milk digestion. Approximately 65% of adults are physically unable to digest the milk sugar lactose. The condition when the reaction to this substance is particularly pronounced is called intolerance. In this case, even a small portion of ice cream or a sandwich with butter can make you feel very unwell. But even if these symptoms are not too severe, but you still regularly notice stomach discomfort, dairy may be the cause.

Forget about skin imperfections

The fact that you don't digest milk well can have a noticeable effect on your face. The hormones contained in this product can aggravate acne. This skin condition does not require masking cosmetic defects, but thoughtful treatment, one of which is a properly selected diet.

Suffer less from various kinds of inflammation

Milk is a powerful allergen that overloads the body's immune system and, as we have already seen, can cause various unpleasant reactions and conditions. Accordingly, your body may be more vulnerable to the development of various inflammations after consuming milk.

How can you find out if it is milk that is causing your health problems?


As with any other allergen, you can find out if milk and dairy products are harmful to you by temporarily avoiding them. Eliminate milk from your diet for a month. At the beginning of the diet, remember, or better yet, write down your symptoms and start monitoring your condition according to the indicators that bother you the most. If your health improves significantly in a month and you have more energy, then you are right - milk was harming you. Try to find healthy and tasty alternatives to it - in fact, it's absolutely possible.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, TV presenter and nutritionist Myroslava Ulyanina also advises her clients to limit their milk consumption. And she suggested some healthy alternatives to these products.

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