Financial success or problems: horoscope for the week of January 21 for all zodiac signs

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Some will be very lucky

Scorpios will be able to increase their income, with good luck accompanying them. Libra will face difficulties and have to work hard.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olga Solomka has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for the week of January 21 exclusively for AstroOBOZ. Find out what awaits you.


A love story may begin. And it will be as passionate and stormy as some people dream of. And it will be unexpected, especially for those who have had a good marital situation before.


Focus on shaping your immediate future, analyze the areas you are currently engaged in, select the ones that really inspire you and that you would like to develop. And throw away everything that is boring and uninteresting.


Your financial, material, and property issues are being resolved, you are gradually setting up all the processes, signing all the papers, concluding agreements, in short, you are doing business, which is not at all typical for you.


Important changes are about to begin, and for many people, they will be quite dramatic. Perhaps not everyone will be ready for them, but you will still have to adjust and accept these transformations.


Your workload is increasing this week. You are already well rested and ready for feats and records. You even miss the tension of work, when everything is burning in your hands and you manage to do everything, even though there is a lot of work.


You will feel like you have a white sheet of paper in front of you right now, on which you can draw a sketch of your new life or write a plan for the future, at least for this year. So you'll start formulating what you want.


A very busy week is coming up, with a whole bunch of different work, various tasks, and also solving various household and family issues piling up on you. And no sooner do you solve one thing than three other problems appear.


It's a good time to make money, even if you have to work hard for it. But you need to seize the moment right now, because later the time will be lost. So put aside all other things and go for it!


A well-coordinated team is being formed in your environment that is able to solve very complex and large-scale issues as a group, generate new ideas, give reasonable feedback, and support each other.


The past suddenly reminds you of itself, some old dreams, ideas and developments that you failed to realize or postponed indefinitely come back. And it seems that the time has come to tackle them all.


You have a great chance to win the lottery, win a contest, in short, you are simply pursued by fortune. So now you can buy lottery tickets and try your luck in other ways.


Finally deal with your inner cockroaches, the obstacles that prevent you from living, working, and succeeding freely, including financial success. Find out what internal attitudes are holding you back.

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