Experts have named the benefits of rosehip oil for skin care

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Rose hips have long been used for medical and cosmetic purposes

If you're used to taking care of your face, you've probably already learned a considerable arsenal of products for its beauty and youthfulness. Every day, the skin is negatively affected by the environment, and it is not always possible to use expensive cosmetics or visit beauty salons. An ordinary rosehip oil can become a reliable assistant and please you with the result.

Doctors have long known about the healing and cosmetic properties of rose hips. The Good Housekeeping magazine analyzed medical data and named its benefits in skin care.

The healing properties of rose hips were used by the ancient Egyptians

Rosehip oil is obtained from the seeds and fruits of the rosehip bush by pressing them. It is believed to have been used for medicinal purposes since the time of the ancient Egyptians, who used it to treat skin diseases. Although the most common form of use is oil, rose hips are also found in creams, powders, and teas. Rose hips cannot be overestimated for cosmetic purposes.

Soothes and brightens the skin

Vitamin E, which is contained in rosehip oil, can reduce inflammation in people with sensitive skin and prevent stretch marks.

If you need to lighten your skin tone, add oil-based products to your daily routine. The astringents in the oil will help to lighten the skin and also tighten pores.

Cosmetic dermatologist Sonam Yadav, MD, advises: "Start with a small amount of oil: apply it to your cleansed face before bed and pat it in gently."

Fighting rashes

Mona Gohara, MD, notes that rosehip oil contains three vitamins essential for the skin - A, C, and E. These compounds can prevent and reduce acne by improving cell renewal.

Rosehip oil can help with skin conditions

Linolenic acid, which is an ingredient in the oil, also helps with skin conditions. For example, one study has shown that the use of the oil is indicated for the treatment of rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema.

Vitamins A and C are also involved in the creation of collagen, which is essential for healthy and beautiful skin.

Moisturizing the skin

Vitamin C is the best antioxidant for moisturizing. Rose hips are also filled with fatty acids that help the skin create a waterproof barrier. Unlike other oil products that simply cover the face, rosehip oil penetrates deeply and reliably retains moisture inside. It is thanks to these acids that rose hips become an indispensable tool for the care of dry and dehydrated skin.

Treatment of scars and pigmentation

Anti-inflammatory fatty acids, vitamins A and C are the magic trinity that makes rose hips indispensable in the fight against scars and scars from chickenpox, rashes, etc. These substances help to reduce oxidative stress and promote tissue and cell regeneration, as well as smooth the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation has a detrimental effect on the skin

While the oil improves hyperpigmentation and protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation, it does not exempt you from wearing sunscreen, hats, and glasses.

Prevent wrinkles

The active ingredients of rosehip oil help to reduce the signs of aging, restore damaged skin, and provide antioxidant protection. For example, vitamin A helps to smooth wrinkles and produces collagen, which, in turn, evens out the surface and tone of the skin.

Exfoliating dead skin

Similar to scrubs, rosehip seed oil together with salt will help exfoliate dead skin particles and cleanse the face, while vitamin A will help restore new cells.

Good cleansing is the first step to healthy skin

Please note that you should only use the scrub on healthy skin, as it can cause irritation or inflammation of existing breakouts.

Without the addition of salt, oil can be an excellent makeup remover that can even remove waterproof cosmetics.

In addition to the above benefits, rosehip oil helps with dry scalp, nourishes the cuticle and helps improve nail growth, and is also used as a softening lip balm.

As you can see, the common rosehip, which we have not paid much attention to, contains many nutrients for our skin and can help solve skin problems. After consulting your doctor about possible individual allergic reactions, add rosehip oil to your daily skincare routine and give your skin health and youthfulness.

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