Even a child can do it: how to make an "eternal" flashlight in 5 minutes. Video.

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You can make a small backlight element from an LED and a pair of batteries

During massive long-term power outages, many people think about alternative lighting sources. At the same time, it is desirable that they do not discharge too quickly. And such an option does exist.

Sasha Ternopilsky, a user on his Youtube channel, described a method of creating a durable LED flashlight with ordinary batteries. In a week, his life hack has garnered a million views and a lot of grateful comments. To watch the video, scroll down to the end of the post.

This flashlight does not require a generator, solar panels or any other power source other than a pair of AA or AAA batteries. The light source is an ordinary 5 mm transparent white LED for 3 V.

What you need to assemble an emergency flashlight:

  • 3V LED;
  • AA or AAA batteries - 2 pcs;
  • adhesive tape
  • copper wire
  • soldering iron;
  • solder.

A pair of batteries should be put together so that their "pluses" and "minuses" do not match, solder one edge with copper wire, and solder a diode to the other, taking into account its poles. The diode would immediately start glowing and, according to the inventor, would work on good batteries for over a year. It will not lose its performance either in conditions of high humidity or at very low temperatures.

There is an even simpler option, although it does not look as reliable, but its advantage is that you do not have to solder.

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