Eclipse corridor, Grand Cross and the dragon-like comet: what you need to know

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Spring eclipse corridor of 2024: who will be affected

Many world schools of astrology pay great attention to the eclipse corridor. That is the period between lunar and solar eclipses. The nearest corridor is the time between the lunar eclipse on March 25 and the solar eclipse on April 8.

It is believed that the first eclipse opens an additional gate between Heaven and Earth, and the second closes it. Through this gate, additional energy comes to Earth from other worlds. It is usually transformative. That is, it requires people to change, work on themselves, make clear decisions, set new goals, and find solutions to problems during this period. The emotional, mental, and energetic state of a person during the eclipse corridor undergoes major changes. If a person does not pay attention to his or her development during the eclipse corridor, the corridor itself creates "forced" development for the person, i.e., it creates events and life situations that require positive transformation and problem solving.

During this eclipse corridor, it is advisable for countries around the world, and Ukraine in particular, to focus on creating a strategy for overcoming challenges, making the right decisions, and building successful strategies.

This year's eclipse corridor includes the Easter of Dazhbog, which is the astronomical balance point between the perigee and apogee of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. Our ancestors believed that the soul of nature passes from Yav to Nav (the afterlife) on October 31 and returns from Nav to Yav on April 5. At the Equinox on March 21, the forces of Fire and Ice are equal to each other, and on April 5, Fire wins.

This year, it is advisable to perform the rituals of Dazhboh's Easter, which have been preserved in our cultural tradition, to weaken the dangerous effects of the eclipse corridor.

The corridor will end with a solar eclipse on April 8. It will be total over Mesoamerica. This astronomical phenomenon occurs over Mesoamerica once every 375 years.

An interesting and unique phenomenon of this eclipse will be the appearance of comet 12P in the sky during the eclipse. This green comet looks like a dragon: it has a tail and horns like a dragon and it is enveloped in a mystical glow, which is usually used to paint dragons. This promises the world a lot of unexpected events after the eclipse corridor is over.

Eclipse corridor, Grand Cross and the dragon-like comet: what you need to know

The spring eclipse corridor of 2024 will have the greatest impact on the signs of the Grand Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) as the lunar eclipse will occur in Libra and the solar eclipse in Aries. Therefore, the representatives of the Grand Cross will have to overcome the biggest number of tests.

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