Don't waste a minute: how to find out if there is invisible mold and fungus in your apartment

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Mold can sometimes hide in far corners and make itself felt indirectly

Mold in the home can be very dangerous. As it grows, it can penetrate walls and structures and destroy them. And spores can cause health problems, including serious ones.

But mold spots don't always appear in a visible place. You may not know for months or even years that there's a danger lurking somewhere behind your couch, bathroom, or refrigerator. Insider.com has collected 8 signs that you need to check your apartment or house for mold.

You can clearly see mold spores

If you're lucky (conditionally, of course), the fungus stains will show up somewhere visible. In this case, regular cleaning will not be enough. Wiping off the surface with a sponge and soap will not be enough. It is better to contact professionals who deal with mold.

You are suffering from a lingering cold or flu-like symptoms

Immunity can be affected by various factors, such as stress, lack of sleep, and overwork. And mold is one of them. If you regularly suffer from flu or cold-like symptoms, but you don't go to places where you can catch it and have a well-established lifestyle, it makes sense to look for mold at home. You can start by changing your place of residence for a while - if the symptoms disappear, then the cause is probably living somewhere near you.

Your home has a damp or musty odor

Different types of mold smell differently, but most commonly these odors are described as damp and musty. In any case, if you notice an unusual odor in your home and it's not pleasant, it's a reason to think about it.

You have frequent nosebleeds

Problems with nosebleeds can be directly related to the development of mold in the home. And with its significant development. Of course, you should first consult a doctor to find out why your nose is bleeding. But if there are no other obvious problems, look for stains on the walls.

You know your home has been flooded

Fungi can develop in a place that has been flooded not immediately. And the period from flooding to fungal growth can be quite long. So, when you buy a home on the secondary market, be sure to ask if there was a flood. Likewise, if you have had a flood in your home, check the areas that were soaked from time to time.

You suffer from headaches that seem to be getting worse

One of the negative consequences of living next to mold is headaches. Often, we disregard this problem, believing that a pill of painkillers can solve it. Meanwhile, frequent pain with a tendency to worsen is a warning sign. So, as in the case of nosebleeds, you should first consult a doctor, and then, if the examination reveals nothing, look for mold.

You have trouble breathing

Another consequence of mold exposure is difficulty breathing and coughing. Sometimes it happens that the fungus starts in the bedroom, having been breathing in its spores overnight, a person starts coughing, feeling sick, decides to rest a little and goes back to the bedroom, where he continues to breathe mold. This vicious circle can only be broken by eliminating the microscopic enemy.

There are places in your home where water or moisture can accumulate

If you find a leak or a place where moisture from the air accumulates, pay special attention to it. High humidity is the main prerequisite for the development of fungal infections. Therefore, after eliminating the cause of the wetness, it will be a good idea to call in specialists to treat the damaged area for mold. By this time, it may have already begun to develop deep within the structure.

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