Do broken dishes portend happiness: people's supertitions

Broken dishes

"Broken dishes mean happiness," claims one of the most popular superstitions. However, as it turns out, this is not always true and the omen has different interpretations.

People say that broken dishes most often portend changes. Will it be happy or not depends on the situation. The essence and history of the omen were analyzed by OBOZREVATEL.

Positive meaning of the omen

According to the legend, the tradition of linking broken dishes with the coming happiness had a psychological basis. Ware has long been a rarity: it cost a lot and was hard to get. Even ordinary clay plates were carefully kept, while rare porcelain was even more so. As many things happen in life and porcelain is made of a fragile material, in order not to be too disappointed with a broken plate, our ancestors said that it will bring happiness. Hence the belief was born. One of the interpretations is as follows: the one who accidentally broke the plate should wait for something good to come.

By the way, filmmakers have a tradition of breaking a plate with signatures for good luck. They say that if the plate did not break, the movie will be a failure.

Negative meaning

There is also an opposite meaning, according to which broken plates warn of misfortune. According to this belief, dishes accumulate the energy of the house and if it has become too negative, plates and cups will split into pieces.

Another meaning

It is believed that broken dishes usually symbolize change. It means that the life of the family will soon change dramatically and you should be ready for it. Probable moves, important events both joyful and not, successes and trials. Superstitious people say that broken dishes signal that something in life goes wrong thus should be urgently changed.

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