Dasha Malakhova gave 10 tips to Ukrainians who decided to adopt children. The post went viral

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Dasha Malakhova advises to solve this issue with the whole family

Famous TV presenter Dasha Malakhova told Ukrainians about child adoption. This issue became popular during the war with Russia, as many children were left without parents.

The star published a post with 10 tips on her Facebook page. It went viral.

"I can't believe that all my life I dreamed of this moment when Ukrainians would want to adopt as much as they do now. For almost 30 years, (wow, how long) I have been living and breathing the problems of children without parental care, and as you can imagine, solving this issue would be a mission for me. But," Malakhova wrote and shared her thoughts on the matter.

Dasha Malakhova talks about the difficulties of adoption.

1. The main thing in adoption is patience. The star is convinced that the best examples of adoption occur when people have had enough time to calmly consider the decision to love, respond, and understand a new person in the family.

"You can think about it more intensely and more often, but it's still time. A child is not a new sofa," the host believes.

2. Don't be overwhelmed by your kindness. The star says that soon there will be quite difficult everyday life.

"I think that today many Ukrainians will want to be useful and involved, involved in the victory and help Ukraine. Do you remember the joke about the hamster from Donetsk when Yanik became president? That every family should have someone from Donetsk, even a hamster. Well, I'm not sure that adoption won't become the same hamster. But this is the fate of a living person - not just a position in an institution - we are kind, we adopted," Malakhova said.

3. Adoption always brings to the surface a lot of personal and family problems. Malakhova believes that it will never close them, but rather the opposite.

"If you feel that this is your case, for the sake of adoption, cure these moments and adopt for your health," the host added.

4. There will be a lot of children. Malakhova says that many children of war have not yet received the status, and it may take years.

"Do not be afraid that you will not have enough, the best will not be taken away - believe me. This is not a new product that has been brought to the store. There are old children on the adoption lists now," the star said.

5. There is only one adoption list, and the children will be very different. According to Malakhova, a child acquires a status and is included in the lists. There will be not only children of heroes, but also children of drug addicts and alcoholics with very different levels of development.

Dasha Malakhova told Ukrainians about adoption.

"The smaller the child, the harder it is to understand what they will be like in development. Babies are adopted faster, and it will continue to be so, but disappointment can be difficult. It's important to understand whether you are an adoptive parent or a mentor," the host explains.

6. Never expect a child to be an extension of you. The word adoption contains the word son or daughter, and the star considers this a big problem.

"Because the child has his or her own genetic code, and it will manifest itself. Make sure you don't put yourself on the adopted child. He is not you, he is not made of you, and he had a different lineage. If you learn to respect this, you can pass on your family's culture and form your own story. But it's a long way, again. Patience," she wrote.

7. Don't choose a child. Choose adoption as a way. The star urges you to realize that you may not be the best option.

"I personally failed 6 adoptions, each time I fell in love with the children and already saw our future together. I lost my children 6 times. The pain is reminiscent of this very phrase. There were better options for them, it was painful, so I ask you to take care of yourself and keep your distance until the adoption," Malakhova said.

8. The less feelings in adoption, the better. The host believes that this should be the best rational decision. Adoption should be thoughtful and best for everyone.

"Emotions will definitely interfere with making the right decision. Plus, the desire to be kind and charitable should be locked in a distant closet. If you start to consider yourself a "holy man, a good Samaritan", that's it, you are finished as a person and an adoptive parent. You will become authoritarian, and your respect for other participants in the process and for the child will disappear," the host explained.

9. Be sure to decide as a family what you want. Malakhova emphasizes that everyone will live with this decision.

"Don't take away a child's chance for a big family, it's very important, believe me. Even if you can't persuade them right away, wait. Let them get used to the idea and want it as much as you do," the star advises.

10. And most importantly, your resources should be overflowing. Malakhova claims that material opportunities do not matter to children. Only adults list love for money.

"You must have a lot of love, a lot of patience (so I suggest rehearsing patience from the beginning), time and opportunity to be present, to see the child, to hear him or her," the host summarized.

Dasha Malakhova's post about adoption went viral.

Netizens actively reacted to the post. Within a day, it gained 1,600 likes and 76 comments.

"Everything is true, but I would only add that adoptive parents will never be ready for adoption in advance. It will only appear that way. Only when the children are in the family will hidden problems and real resources or their absence/exhaustion be revealed. Until the moment of adoption, everything is theoretical. I don't know about it from books.", "I have experience of adopting two children at once, and from my experience I will sign under each point, especially under PATIENCE...", "I am also ready to sign under every word. I am the guardian of my brother's three children, his parents died and I took the children to avoid being taken to an orphanage. I have two more children of my own. The decision was made together with my husband. It is very, very difficult to raise children who are not your own. Even if you think you are ready, believe me, you are not. Do not expect gratitude ever. Believe me, this decision is your own. And forget about thinking that they will appreciate you and be grateful. Perhaps when they grow up and there will be an assessment of values. If you give 100% to your children, then be ready to give 150% to others. Patience is definitely needed, but an iron nervous system and the ability to speak up and be heard are better. Believe me, I envy people who live with their families. It's a luxury," "Dasha, you're great!" It's true. To this we need to add a rigid state machine in the form of an aunt from the authorities. But you are right about everything!", "Only unconditional love will help. I know it. Thank you for the post," the users wrote.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Diia app will have a new feature that should simplify the process of adopting children in Ukraine. First of all, on June 1, it will be possible to apply for the first consultation, and the rest of the services will appear gradually by the end of August.

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