Cute at first glance: what dogs are not allowed for families with children

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From a giant Alabai to a tiny Chihuahua, a nasty surprise can come from very different breeds

When there is a child in the family and there is a desire to get a dog as well (at the request of the child or not), another very important question is added to the choice of breed - whether such a dog will be safe for the baby.

Cynologists have named several breeds that are better to avoid when there are kids in the house. OBOZREVATEL tells why.

Akita Inu and Shiba Inu


These two Japanese twin breeds, one bigger and one smaller, look very cute because of their smiling faces. In fact, they are rather distrustful creatures, quite capable of aggression toward people they consider suspicious. And what could be more suspicious than a toddler creeping up on their tail from behind. Or friends who come to visit a teenager.

Chihuahuas and other dwarf breeds


Here the situation is the opposite. A small dog can easily be harmed by the child's own play. Considering that even tiny dogs are still dogs and aggression is not alien to them, a very unpleasant situation can happen.



Children adore these spotted beauties, because more than one cartoon and movie was made about them. Well, and Dalmatians do look very attractive. The problems begin when such a dog needs to be socialized. To make a representative of the breed an obedient pet, it takes a whole lot of effort. During this time, he and a child may have more than one conflict with consequences.



With proper parenting, these giants turn into extremely gentle creatures. The problem is that the amount of time and effort involved is comparable to raising a child. If not enough attention is not given to the alabai, it may become dominant and aggressive. Then the whole family will be in trouble.



What makes Pekingese a bad choice for families with children is their jealousy. They become very attached to their owners and may begin to compete with the baby for their attention. Also, this breed does not like unnecessary attention, while children are interested in everything - this is also a point where conflict with the animal can arise.

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