Change your apartment beyond recognition: 13 beautiful indoor flowers

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Room flowers will become a beautiful accent in any interior.

No matter how hard you work on creating an interior, no matter how much money you invest in it, it would not look complete without living plants. They not only serve as decoration, not only clean the air and improve the microclimate of the room, but also give the room a homely and well-kept look. But which plants look best?

Of course, here you should rely on your personal taste and choose the greenery that pleases your eye and suits you exactly for the conditions of the room (light, humidity, etc.) and flower care skills. However, there are absolutely win-win options. OBOZREVATEL gathered a list of flowerpots that will be a chic accent in your home or office.


A few years ago, the giant liana was experiencing a boom in popularity. Prints with its openwork leaves were everywhere. They really create a stunning accent in any space. Monsteras are easy to care for, but they can grow quite large, so choose a free corner to pot them in.


Cyclamen are winter decorations when rooms don't have much natural light. Place the pot with the plant in a cool, draught-free place with sun in the morning. Water once or twice a week as needed. And it will thank you with gorgeous blooms.

Dracaena Massangeana

Any dracaena in the interior looks like an expressive accent. You can choose dracaena Massangeana because of its unpretentiousness. But you will have to share space with it, because it is quite a large plant. It tolerates low light and does not like excessive moisture. But keep in mind - some dracenas can be toxic to pets.


Calathea leaves look stunning because of the striped ornamentation on it. This is a tropical plant that needs moist soil and air, so it won't do well in a dry room.

Phalaenopsis orchids

These flowers are a living symbol of luxury. Phalaenopsis blooms are quite long, and the flowers resemble exotic butterflies and come in a variety of colors. But caring for them requires certain skills. And patience, because the capricious flower can sometimes get sick and require time and effort to resuscitate.


Fern lovers will love this lush, bright green shrub with pinnate and shiny leaves. Adianthum looks great in a hanging cachet and may not take up any useful space at all. But it requires meticulous care - moderate moisture, spraying and attention to light.


The waxy leaves of the plant may seem artificial, so perfect are they. At the same time, zamioculcas are generally undemanding to conditions and thrive even in semi-darkness and with irregular watering. The bush grows quite quickly with good care. And thanks to its dark green color serves as a bright accent in any room.

Anthurium andre

These popular indoor plants are native to Colombia and have long, dark green, leathery leaves and sometimes produce beautiful red, pink and white heart-shaped "flowers" that can bloom for several weeks. They will do best in well-lit rooms with high humidity.


This epiphyte pleases with a great variety of leaf colors - from green with veins to dark purple. The plant likes humidity, indirect light and small to medium amounts of water. And it can cascade beautifully from a hanging planter.


This is the choice of the lazy gardener. Succulents such as cacti, aloes, thistles, etc. - are unpretentious about watering and not very fond of moisture in the air. You can assemble beautiful compositions from them. Several different species will feel well in one pot.

Epipremnum golden

Beautiful ivy is able to grow in a variety of light and moisture conditions. And at the same time it always amazes with the speed of the release of new leaves. You can make whole cascades out of it on walls or partitions if you plant several cuttings in one pot. But the plant will have to be pruned from time to time.


Aglaonema is represented by a magnificent variety of colors of spotted leaves. Species with less pronounced contrast do well in the shade. The brighter ones will need light to keep their shape. Either way, it is an easy species to grow.

Ficus lirata

The plant belongs to those types of ficus that do not require much space in the house - it grows tall and does not turn into an entire tree. Ficus lirata enjoys large leaves of bright color and does not require complex conditions of maintenance or care.

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