Cancer will have surprises, while Pisces will face difficulties: horoscope for July

Horoscope for July

July will be a month of contrasts. The full moon in Capricorn will be a favorable time for reflection, planning and perspective-taking. Retrograde Venus, which begins simultaneously with the onset of the Leo season, will bring difficulties not only in personal life because the planet is also called the patroness of money and beauty.

According to astrologers, Taurus will be able to achieve financial success and invest money. Gemini will sink into a daily routine and Virgo will probably meet love.


The second month of summer will begin on a positive note. Your ruling planet, fiery, passionate Mars, is currently in the fiery sign of Leo. But already on July 9 it will move into the sign of sensible and practical Virgo. July will be quiet and not too eventful for you. You can get closer to your family and spend romantic time with your partner.


Jupiter, planet of generosity and expansion, and Uranus, planet of innovation, will be in your sign all month. July will be financially successful. Your investments will pay off handsomely. The profits will come in time and even exceed expectations. Money luck is with you all month long, so use it as best you can.


At the beginning of the month you'll be immersed in daily routine, but wather in a pleasant way, so you'll be happy to do household chores. There is a chance to go on an interesting and informative family trip. It is better to plan a vacation in the second half of July.


A new moon in your sign means new beginnings, promising proposals, updates and lots of surprises. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and decide which direction you want to go next.


July will be very active. Venus, the planet of love, will be in your sign all month, filling your personal life with passion and harmony. However, since July 23, Venus will turn retrograde, so there will be a period of temporary misunderstandings. At work, astrologers promise new contracts. Take time to think through every decision you make.


You're always working hard, but after all, summer is a period of vivid impressions and relaxation. Don't pass up opportunities to see more: go on a trip or have a loud party with friends. Meetings with interesting people are likely to happen. Singles Vigros may meet the love of their lives. And at the end of the month you will be waiting for very pleasant news about an increase in income at work.


Venus, your ruling planet will be retrograde at the end of the month. Astrologers advise finding the courage to ask someone out or confess in love. There is a high probability that your feelings are mutual.


July will be a month of transformation. Let go of the negative emotions that are keeping you from moving forward. Don't dwell on relationships with toxic people, as you deserve to be happy. At work, show poise and judgement.


You will feel free. There will be plenty of ideas and forward-looking plans. You'll have to choose whether to go with the flow or try something new. The Moon's dual influence on your sign means you have a chance to test your long-term plans in life: marriage, kids, moving, new job, etc.


The Full Moon in Capricorn is your stellar time. Feel free to pitch your ideas, take the risk of taking on a leadership role in a team, go above and beyond and be the center of attention. Make a list of plans you want to achieve.


July will be a fairly calm month, with no upheavals or worries. Astrologers attribute this to the fact that you have two ruling planets: risky Uranus and calm Saturn, the planet of karma. They will be in Taurus and Pisces respectively, which are calm, dreamy, practical and romantic signs. Therefore, the stars advise enjoying the warm summer days and not worrying too much.


Saturn will retrograde in your sign throughout July. July will be a challenging month. You will feel injustice, resentment and exhaustion. Your dreams and aspirations will lose importance for a while, so you will have to step away from your main goal to wait out the difficult period.

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