Can you give a bouquet of one or 13 flowers: what does the quantity mean

There are many superstitions regarding the number of flowers in a bouquet

Since ancient times, many beliefs have been associated with flowers. For example, Ukrainians are accustomed to associating an even number of flowers with funerals or cemeteries, so it is not customary to give such bouquets on holidays.

In the European Union and the United States, on the contrary, an even number is considered lucky, and you can often find bouquets of 6, 8, or 12 flowers in stores. Read about the most popular floral superstitions in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Is it advisable to give a bouquet of one flower

One flower can be presented at the first meeting. Traditionally, a large rose with a beautiful, graceful bud on a long stem is presented. One flower symbolizes sincerity and an unobtrusive compliment.

Three flowers

This is a universal bouquet that is suitable for everyone. A bouquet of three roses can be presented to your mother, grandmother, colleague, girlfriend, beloved girl, etc. It is usually considered a sign of respect and sympathy.

What does a bouquet of five flowers say

People say that a bouquet of five flowers is a symbol of not just platonic sympathy but also a desire to continue the relationship. It is a sign of love, romance, and sincere feelings.

Is it customary to give a bouquet of seven flowers

A bouquet of seven flowers is a sign of either respect and honor or love. For example, seven autumn flowers - asters, chrysanthemums, gladioli - are usually given to teachers on September 1 or to colleagues on professional holidays. But seven flowers have also long been considered the personification of romantic feelings.

Nine or more roses in a bouquet

According to the symbolism of flowers, nine roses in a bouquet for a girl is a way to express that she is the one and only.

Eleven flowers are usually given on wedding anniversaries as a symbol that love has not faded.

According to florists, the superstition of an even number, as the personification of the completion of the life cycle, stops working if you give more than ten flowers. Twelve flowers, for example, symbolize support and care, so you can choose large bouquets of 20, 30, 50, and 100 roses.

Superstition of the number 13

In many cultures, the number 13 is considered unlucky. It is believed to bring misfortune and bad luck. In some countries, people don't give a bouquet of 13 flowers. But the superstition has a positive interpretation. A bouquet of 13 roses can express respect and mature love.

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