Burger with gold and butlers with Lego: five of the most unusual hotel offers that will amaze tourists. Photo

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The most unusual hotel deals for tourists

Some tourists in the midst of vacation are not sparing their wallet, as well as employees of hotels, where they stay, ordering absolutely strange and unusual services or sophisticated dishes. Thus, the list of the strangest orders, which was formed by the service booking hotels.com, has bison, puffer fish and boiled water in bottles, as well as melted ice cream and bowls of rice for dogs. However, the complexes themselves offer their visitors quite interesting services in every sense.

For example, in an American hotel tourists can have a burger with 24-carat gold and pay for it "only" 1482 euros (almost 60 thousand hryvnias). Euronews.Travel wrote about the results of a survey by Hotels.com on the most unusual hotel offers.

It seems that almost no request from their guests is too unusual for the most luxurious hotels. But if visitors do not know where to throw away an extra couple of thousand euros, hotels offer their own "crazy" list of suggestions.

At London's The Milestone Hotel, guests can book themselves a private concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes, the action takes place right in your room. This pleasure costs €1356 per night (54 thousand hryvnias).


At the InterContinental Hotel in Bora Bora, you can dine on the deck of your overwater villa in a traditional canoe . Meals from the restaurant are delivered to you by waiters.


Some hotels offer room service options specifically for children. Ashford Castle in Mayo, Ireland, offers guests a Lego service, where both children and adults can choose one of the construction sets, which will be delivered to the room on a silver tray.


Remember The Plaza Hotel in New York City, where Kevin McCallister stayed in the second chapter of the iconic movie "Home Alone"? Back then, he ordered 16 scoops of ice cream with different toppings to his room. So today, visitors to this hotel can repeat the order of Macaulay Culkin's character. Dessert from Kevin costs 277 euros (11 thousand hryvnia).


Post Oak Hotel in Houston, Texas, is offering the Black Gold burger we mentioned above for 1,482 euros. The dish consists of half a pound of Wagyu beef, roasted foie gras and black truffle, all packed into a black brioche bun with caviar and 24-karat gold.


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