Bill Gates is preparing a nuclear energy revolution: Project Natrium will be launched by 2030

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TerraPower, a company founded by billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, plans to revolutionize the U.S. nuclear industry by the end of the decade. The company is working on a new type of nuclear power plant that will be more reliable and safer than existing ones.

Gates himself told about the development in his blog. He believes that nuclear power remains the most reliable source of "green" electricity.

"The world must make a big bet on nuclear power ... if we are to meet the world's growing need for energy as well as eliminate carbon emissions. No other clean source is as reliable, and no other reliable source is as clean," Gates wrote

The TerraPower project, to be launched by 2030, is called Natrium. Gates already calls it the most advanced nuclear power plant and promises that it will produce much less waste than conventional reactors.

Natrium Atomic Station

Natrium will use liquid sodium rather than water to cool the reactor, solving major nuclear power problems. With this cooling, the likelihood of an explosion will be reduced because liquid sodium can absorb significantly more heat from the reactor without increasing the pressure. Therefore, even if the plant loses power, it will continue to be cooled.

In addition, the "next nuclear breakthrough" plant design includes special energy storage technology that will make it easier to integrate with existing power systems.

"I'm excited about this project and what it means for the future. This is the kind of effort that will help America maintain its energy independence," the billionaire noted on his blog.

Gates is not the only one seeking to make nuclear power safer and cleaner.

Recently, OBOZREVATEL also told about a former subordinate of Ilon Musk, who also intends to create new portable nuclear reactors. The prototype, developed by Doug Bernauer's Radiant Industries, will be able to power about 1,000 homes.

The reactor, dubbed Kaleidos, will use TRISO particles, consisting of uranium, oxygen, and carbon, coated with ceramic and carbon materials, as fuel.

A feature of this fuel is its ability to withstand high melting temperatures. Tests have shown resistance at temperatures over 1,600 degrees Celsius.

In addition, helium will be used to cool the reactor, which is much more efficient than water.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that Ukraine wants to build 20 nuclear reactors.

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