Great challenges and victories: the best days of the year for all Chinese zodiac signs

The Year of the Dragon has already begun. Find out how to make it successful

The Chinese New Year has finally arrived and for the next 12 months we have all come under the rule of the Green Dragon. The horoscope says it will be a time of development and prosperity. The Royal Dragon will fill us with energy for accomplishment and enthusiasm.

Astrologers have also calculated which dates this year will be the peak in terms of luck for representatives of all signs of the eastern zodiac. Find out about the best days for you. And learn how to attract good luck for the whole year.


The most lucky days: February 15, August 14, September 16.

During the first two weeks of the lunar year, clearly articulate your wishes and hopes. Your success depends on it! Once you do, let go of the situation. Fate will find a way to fulfill your desires. It will be useful to keep a dream diary this year. It is in your dreams that you will receive important clues.


Most successful days: March 3, September 30, October 15.

Everything you have planned can be realized this year. So don't doubt yourself. If skeptics try to make you doubt yourself, remember that their behavior is a projection of their shortcomings. The more you rely on your strengths this year, the stronger your success will be. So, work on your self-esteem, and meditate or reflect in front of a lighted candle. The element of fire will be on your side.


Most successful days: April 2, November 1, December 19.

The year is starting well for you. You will see the fruits of your labor of the past years reach their peak. It's time to relax and enjoy these benefits. Now is the time to work on your public image and influence. The second half of the year will be a little less successful. Just remember: if you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can't, you can't.


Most successful days: August 21, September 26, January 1, 2025.

Because your year is over, you may feel the winds of luck are easing. But in reality, it's all relative. Focus on the blessings you received last year and find ways to build on them now. The second half of the year may require you to be patient. As long as you keep your balance, you're on a roll.


Most successful days: April 3, July 19, December 19.

This is your year, so count on cosmic blessings. Happiness, friends, and love will be with you, and they will multiply. Practice gratitude to fate for them regularly. Remember that the next two years depend on the direction you choose now. The more informed your decisions and actions are, the better.


Most successful days: March 2, April 6, May 19.

To take advantage of your blessings, you must fulfill some conditions. The first is to put an end to toxic relationships and those who do not allow you to spread your wings. The second requirement is to be clear about your true needs and desires; you must live by your aspirations, not the vision of others. Keeping a diary can help you with this. The universe does not want your luck to be stolen by the wrong people.


Most successful days: April 1, June 2, December 15.

It all depends on how good your choices have been in the past. If you are confident in your decisions, nothing and no one can stop your luck. Otherwise, fate will keep trying to bring you back to the point where you took a wrong turn. Practice meditation and develop patience. This will help you see the signs more clearly.


Most successful days: September 13, October 3, November 1.

Focus all your energy on your goals and priorities this year and don't get distracted. You are on the road to great success - don't let anything or anyone get you off this path. The second half of the year will be a little more challenging for you, but the same principles apply. As long as you trust yourself, luck will help you find your footing in the wider world.


Luckiest days: April 2, May 19, October 14.

You need to be careful this year. You may accidentally squander your blessings on the wrong people or give away your secrets. A more introverted approach will help you this year. Especially if you are in a competitive environment. Don't let new people into your circle too quickly. There's nothing wrong with being friendly and having pleasant conversations, but keep your distance until you're sure about the person. The same rule applies to Monkeys who are looking for a relationship.


Most successful days: April 1, June 2, December 4.

Your success will come to you through social interactions, time spent with loved ones, and creative endeavors. Just try not to doubt yourself, because you are stronger and more capable than people say. Keep your inner circle of friends in harmony, because it is said that we are the average of the five people closest to us.


Most successful days: April 5, May 19, July 18.

The key to your success will be hard work. As long as you do your job, no one can take away your blessings. Some of you are really creating a great future for yourself right now, and the cosmic forces want to support you in this endeavor. Try to spend more time outdoors this year. This will have a positive effect on your psyche and indirectly increase your luck.


Most successful days: February 7, March 2, October 31.

Your intuition is very sharp now and you know exactly where to direct yourself throughout the year to reap significant benefits. Your success depends on this inner knowing, so pay attention to the signs of moving forward. Practice grounding to keep yourself grounded. You will benefit from the attention of others, so don't hide in the shadows.

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