Beautiful and safe: indoor flowers that are best suited for a child's room

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Indoor plants

There are many studies on the benefits of indoor plants in the home and office. Plants cleanse the air of toxins, improve mood, enhance the atmosphere, and stabilize humidity levels, not to mention the aesthetic aspects.

However, you should be careful as some plants are extremely poisonous and dangerous for children and pets. They can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and poisoning if ingested. Experts told us which indoor flowers are best suited for a child's room

Boston fern

Children's rooms will be a great place for safe and unpretentious plants, that is, those that do not cause skin irritation or stomach upset when the juice gets into the body. The Boston fern is one of the best options. It is absolutely safe, does not require any special care, and will make a great indoor decor.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants purify the air from toxins and microdust, effectively enrich it with oxygen and normalize the moisture level. They can withstand low light (so you can close the blinds during daytime sleep), grow quickly, and are easy to care for. A cascade of climbing plants will effectively decorate the shelves.

Areca or golden cane palm

When looking for larger and more expressive plants for a child's room, make sure they are heavy enough to prevent them from tipping over when bumped or pushed. Areca or golden cane palm will be a great addition to the interior. However, the plant needs a bright space because without enough sunlight, the leaves will quickly turn yellow and fall off.


For older children, you can buy a sansevieria. It is one of the few indoor plants that can purify the air and release oxygen during the night (this process is known as acid metabolism). It is best to place the container at a distance of no more than 1.5 meters from the bed. Sansevieria are unpretentious in care, do not require frequent watering and can withstand different lighting conditions. However, keep in mind that these plants are moderately toxic and can cause swelling and numbness of the tongue if a large dose of sap gets on the mucous membranes.

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