At least monthly: which dogs need haircuts more often

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If the need to trim a cat is a very controversial issue and not all veterinarians recommend this procedure to them, with dogs, it is more unambiguous. Some breeds need frequent visits to a groomer not only to look good but also to maintain their health.

OBOZREVATEL tells what can be useful for a dog haircut. And also which breeds should visit the salon more often than others.

Why should you visit the groomer with your dog?

Unlike cats, which are usually good at grooming themselves, dogs don't know how to properly lick themselves, so their coats get dislodged and dirty. Also, dogs often shed a lot more heavily than cats and therefore need deep combing.

In addition, dogs at a grooming salon have their claws trimmed, which is important for the healthy gait of the pet. You can also have your pet's teeth cleaned, ears and eyes groomed, and even anal glands groomed. So it's not just a beauty treatment, but a full-fledged hygiene treatment for your pet.

What breeds need grooming the most

First of all, we are talking about furry dogs. The more fur your dog has, the more often you have to take him to the salon. The classic example is the poodle. These dogs don't just have thick coat, it also curls, which means that the poodle's fur is prone to tangles.

Many breeds of dogs overgrow so much that the excess hair on the muzzle makes them hard to see, so they need to cut it off periodically, so as not to spoil the animal's vision and not to put him in danger. In such care needs, say, a bichon frise. Also the same poodle.

There are also several breeds that have thin and soft hair, which needs to be combed, and which grows like a person's hair - continuously. In this case, it must be trimmed in a timely manner. Such breeds include Yorkshire Terriers and Afghan Greyhounds.

Regular professional care will be needed for dogs with such health peculiarities as sensitive skin or a tendency to allergies. High-quality grooming requires professional cosmetics and a stress-free procedure. Groomers know how to provide this.

And, of course, any show dogs need care more often than others. If their coat is in bad condition, they can't compete with other animals at exhibitions.

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