A puzzle for people with a high IQ: only a select few will find the heart in the picture

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Puzzles and visual tests are useful not only as daily entertainment. Helping to distract from problems, anxieties and routine, they are also beneficial from a medical point of view.

Studies have shown that regular puzzle training can reduce the risk of neurological diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's. An interesting test is gaining popularity online. You have to find a hidden object among funny elephants.

The picture shows bright, colourful elephants. The task is to find a hidden heart among them in the shortest possible time.

A puzzle for people with a high IQ: only a select few will find the heart in the picture

The variety of colours, butterflies and curved lines makes the task a little more difficult. The puzzle is useful for training your eyesight and concentration.

Did you manage to find the heart in the picture? If so, how long did it take you? The tiny symbol is located at the top of the picture. You need to look at the top centre of the picture at the white elephant and move down to its pink neighbour at the bottom. The heart is under the elephant's ear, next to the pink butterfly.

There are also easier tasks: try to find an elephant in a top hat, an elephant holding a banana, or an elegant elephant wearing a belt of flowers.

A puzzle for people with a high IQ: only a select few will find the heart in the picture

By the way, the famous psychologist Richard Gregory is the author of the theory of visual assumption. The scientist found out that the basic perception of the brain is based on top-down surface processing. According to the study, almost 90% of the information perceived by our eyes is lost before it reaches the brain.

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