A karmic year awaits two signs: changes will begin in March

Which zodiac signs are in for a karmic year

In astrology, eclipses symbolize the closure of one life cycle before the start of a new stage. In 2024, an eclipse will occur in the signs of Aries and Libra. They will face many challenges, as this is a time for personal growth and evolution, during which Aries and Libra will need to go through a karmic year of change.

Astrologers say that Aries will benefit from focusing on seeking support from friends. Meanwhile, Libra will be able to realize their creative side and gain recognition.


The eclipse season will force you to focus on personal relationships. The North Node in your sign is karmic because it will push you out of your comfort zone to end a relationship that only limits your development. You need to look for ways to develop yourself. You've been neglecting your needs, so it's time to listen to your true desires.

During this transitional period, you may feel insecure, doubt your steps, and wonder if your choice was right. Astrologers advise you to seek support from friends. Trust your intuition and move in the direction of your cherished dreams.

When Saturn enters your sign, you may experience another unexpected awakening, a repetition of lessons.


You may experience doubts and insecurities. Saturn's transit in Capricorn has shaken your foundation and forced you to rethink certain values. Now you feel like you will never achieve that important goal you have been working so hard for.

While Aries is dealing with its relationships, you will be faced with areas of your life where you need to show independence and courage. You should become a leader, a beacon of light for others. Do not be afraid - this is your karmic lesson. You have to share goodness and light with others. Perhaps you can do this through creativity. You have to take on more responsibility.

The role of a leader is not something you have always aspired to, you would rather choose a quiet, peaceful harbor where there is comfort and harmony. However, now you have to make an important choice. Astrologers say that your path to victory is directly related to leadership skills.

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