A giant crocodile was fished out of a lake in Zimbabwe: What a 4.5-meter-long "man-eating dinosaur" looks like

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Giant reptile caught in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, a hunter named Garrett Wales caught a giant crocodile he called the "man-eating dinosaur". For five days, he and his team waited for the right moment to shoot the 4.5-meter-long beast.

Wales shared the footage on Instagram. He found a rare-sized crocodile near the Save River (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

A hunter originally from Texas shared that he had never seen a reptile of this size. According to the American, he accidentally stumbled across a story about a "monster" supposedly living in Zimbabwe while traveling.


After listening to the gossip, Wales decided to set bait on the shore and wait for the result. After watching the water for a few days, he spotted a huge crocodile in the reeds.

"That thing was sunning itself in the reeds," the Texas resident recalled.


On the fifth day, the hunter managed to kill the crocodile when it was 6 meters from him and, with the help of his comrades, pulled the reptile to shore. It took eight men to lift the crocodile.

According to the hunter, it weighed about 450 kg.


"I've been hunting all my life and I've never felt anything like it. It was as crazy as can be in the hunting world," the Daily Stars reported Wales as saying.

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