A flight attendant named the worst type of passengers on a plane: they remotely resemble decent people

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Passengers who annoy flight attendants

A flight attendant decided to share her work experience and shed light on the type of passengers that cause the most inconvenience on airplanes. Consequently, the flight attendant provided advice to help make the flight more comfortable for everyone.

According to the Mirror, the flight attendant emphasized that some passengers consider themselves exempt from rules and disregard simple instructions designed to ensure safety during the flight. It was revealed that many people refuse to turn off their phones or at least switch them to airplane mode.

Numerous airlines request passengers to power off their electronic devices because there is a possibility that their phones' radio signals could interfere with specific aircraft systems. These systems include aircraft navigation, collision avoidance equipment, and sensors crucial for the interaction of the aircraft's devices.

Hence, the flight attendant pointed out that the most problematic passengers are those who engage in arguments and resist turning off their gadgets during the flight.

"Yes, we know that this is likely to do nothing. Yes, we know it's annoying. Yes, we know all the other remarks you're going to make because we've heard it more often than you've had a date. Arguing won't get us anywhere because it's the law now, and we have to enforce it. Besides, you can live without Angry Birds for five minutes," the flight attendant conveyed in her statement.

Despite passengers' arguments, adhering to the rule of turning off phones is crucial. Being a good passenger, and not remotely resembling a decent person, is only possible by following the provided instructions. Therefore, there is no secret to gaining a flight attendant's favor on an airplane; it simply requires compliance with the established rules.

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