A cosmetologist explained the purpose of facial cleansing and how to avoid pain during the procedure

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A girl undergoing a facial cleansing procedure at a cosmetologist's office. Source: Pexel

Many girls dream of clear skin, but they are often hesitant to take a step towards their goal due to the fear of a painful procedure. Ukrainian cosmetologist Dina assures that the discomfort during the procedure is subjective, and she shared insights in a corresponding post on her personal Instagram page.

According to Dina, facial cleansing marks the initial step toward achieving cleanliness and grooming.

She explained that the sensitivity of the procedure varies based on the skin's initial condition.

"If it has been a long time since the last facial, it is considered the first and the most uncomfortable. Blackheads and comedones may have been 'accumulated' for months or even years, making their removal more challenging," wrote Dina.

A cosmetologist's Instagram post.

She added that post-procedure, the skin becomes smoother, free of bumps, with a reduction in the number of breakouts, and home care becomes more effective.

Dina also highlighted the menstrual cycle's impact on the procedure's sensitivity, noting that cleansing is easier if done after the period.

"It's important to consult with your doctor before applying any recommendations," emphasized Dina, a sentiment verified by Dr. Viktor Lytvynenko.

A girl is cleansing her face.

On a related note, dermatologist Natalia Popova shared insights into the primary mistakes people make when cleansing their skin. She explained why simply washing the face with soap and a towel can be risky.

"Many people overlook the makeup removal and skin toning stage. Failing to use specific products for this can result in inadequate face cleansing, leading to breakouts," warned Natalia Popova.

A girl scrubbing her face.

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