A beach chair for 40 euros. Tourists complain of shockingly high prices in Croatia: what and how much has risen

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Tourists complain about high prices in Croatia

Croatia has been one of the most sought-after and attractive vacation destinations for Europeans over the past few years. Such popularity was justified not only by the beautiful terrain, which included incredible islands in the blue Adriatic Sea, luxurious architecture in the cities and various national parks, but also by rather democratic prices. However, in 2023 - after the country's accession to the Schengen zone - to call a vacation in Croatia budget no longer turns the tongue.

Thus, tourists are literally shocked by how prices for absolutely everything have risen. This writes RadioZET.pl.

After the country joined the Schengen zone, the euro was introduced there - the currency has changed, but the figures on the price tags have remained the same. That is, if a year ago, a beach chair cost 40 kuna, today it is already 40 euros. To make it clearer, this is 138 and 1600 hryvnias respectively. 40 euros for a beach chair are asked on the island of Hvar, in Split it costs 35 euros, and in Dubrovnik - 33 euros.

The same situation with the solarium, spa and other additional entertainment.


People who have not come to Croatia for the first time and have experienced such a huge difference are openly indignant, but they can't influence the situation. They also complain about rising food prices.

"I'm on vacation in Croatia right now, and the prices there are higher than in Austria. A pizza cost 18 euros, a steak - 38 euros," - as quoted by journalists of one of the disappointed vacationers.


It is expensive to eat in restaurants, but also to buy products on your own is not the most budget-friendly option. Figs and cherries cost 8 euros per kilo, peaches and pears - 5 euros, and a kilo of cucumbers you can buy for 3 euros.

The tourists confess that this increase in prices scares them away and makes them look for other countries. There are especially thrifty travelers who do not take sun beds on the beaches, get burnt because of the lack of an umbrella and practically do not use any services or entertainment.

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