38-year-old woman becomes a TikTok star after losing weight on a meat-only diet: what she looks like

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Courtney Luna eats animal products only

Who hasn't dreamed of eating everything delicious, high-calorie and fatty and losing weight at the same time? Courtney Luna, an American from California, claims that she has succeeded. The 38-year-old woman says that six months ago she switched to a "carnivorous" diet, which consists almost entirely of meat and meat products, lost about 15 kg and improved her skin condition.

According to the New York Post, this anti-vegan diet has brought Luna popularity and millions of views on TikTok. On the social network, she shows how she eats hamburgers, steaks, bacon and cheese, and consumes fats. She also explains the principles of her diet. According to the woman, she has tried a lot of diets, and only this one allowed her to lose weight steadily, improve her overall health, and completely stop taking medication.

Luna told reporters that she does not eat vegetables and fruits at all and does not even use spices in her cooking. Instead, she adds various fats to meat: cream, butter and cheese. The woman blames vegetables for bloatin and she doesn't eat fruit because of the carbohydrates and sugars they contain. "I can get all the nutrients I need from meat. I don't want gas and bloating from vegetables. As for fruit, it's not good to have a high-fat diet, as well as carbohydrates and sugar. You have to choose one source of fuel. Either you burn fat or you burn carbohydrates. I feel better on fat," the blogger said. She also admitted that eating fruit provokes her cravings for sweets, so she avoids them especially carefully.

38-year-old woman becomes a TikTok star after losing weight on a meat-only diet: what she looks like

She also admitted that she is aware that this diet can cause an increase in blood cholesterol levels and that it is also associated with the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other health problems. But now, paradoxically, she feels better with this way of eating.

When asked if she gets bored with such a monotonous diet, Luna says no. She is quite satisfied with the taste of meat and fats help keep her feeling full. The woman said she eats three meals a day and does not need snacks.

The blogger describes her condition before switching to a meat diet as lethargic. According to her, she felt tired and exhausted all the time. She was also concerned about her skin and digestive problems. Luna claims that she got rid of all these problems after switching to meat-only diet, stopping taking medication for anxiety and depression, and losing a lot of weight even though she did not set out to lose weight at all.

Luna explains the problems that arise for those who eat a lot of meat because these people combine it with carbohydrates, particularly potatoes. She herself claims that she does not do this, so she does not expect to develop various diseases because of her diet.

Despite the fact that more than 70,000 people follow Courtney Luna's TikTok page, many people criticize her in the comments. Sometimes they even call her a charlatan or take her words as a joke. She is also reminded of various scientifically based nutritional recommendations that call for eating as many vegetables, grains, and fruits as possible, and getting proteins from different sources. But the blogger says she has no plans to stop.

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