10 things you should never keep in the bathroom: put them away immediately

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What things should not be kept in the bathroom

A bathroom is a place where we usually not only take care of our hygiene but also keep many things, from towels and toilet paper to cosmetics. However, some of them can start to deteriorate in a room where it is humid and the temperature is always changing.

Experts told us about the things that should never be stored in the bathroom, as this can negatively affect their condition, shelf life, and sometimes your health.


It's convenient to store your daily cosmetics in the bathroom, but high humidity can affect the texture and consistency of your products and accelerate their deterioration. In addition, if the room is poorly ventilated, bacteria can begin to develop in your cosmetics, which will have a bad effect on the skin condition.


Do not store medicines and food supplements in the bathroom. The humidity and heat from showering can make these things less effective or even spoil them.

Books and magazines

Keeping books and magazines in the bathroom, even as decor, not only affects the quality of the paper but is also unsanitary. Various aromas in the bathroom, from toiletries to cleaning products, can remain on the pages.

Electrical appliances

Accidental splashes of water can damage electronics that are not waterproof. Additionally, using electronic devices near water sources increases the risk of electrical accidents, which can have unintended consequences.

Extra razors

Keep backup razors out of the bathroom unless they are protected by their original packaging. The high humidity can cause the blades to rust, making them less effective and causing irritation during shaving.


In the bathroom, jewelry can tarnish due to heat and moisture. Due to contact with chemicals contained in personal care products, gemstones or delicate materials can deteriorate and lose their beautiful appearance.


Try not to leave towels in the bathroom when you are not using them. Similar to books and magazines, the fabric can develop a musty odor due to constant exposure to moisture. In addition, wet towels are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. They should be stored in a dry place after use.

Toilet paper

This point is especially relevant for those who have a bathroom adjacent to the toilet. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can degrade the quality of any paper product over time. Additionally, if you use aerosolized products such as air fresheners, hairsprays, or bathroom sprays, their particles can settle on paper supplies.


Some people like to have family photos or just beautiful pictures printed on photo paper to decorate their entire home. But it is better not to do this in the bathroom. The emulsion on the front of the photo can absorb additional moisture and stick to the glass in the frame forever.

Nail polish

Temperature changes often occur in the bathroom, which can affect the consistency and thickness of nail polish.

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