Why potatoes turn unpalatable and unhealthy: never cook them this way

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Mistakes that spoil potato dishes. Source: pixabay.com

The season of young potatoes is already beginning. Last year's is slowly coming to an end. And even this vegetable, which we eat almost every day, can be cooked incorrectly. There are a number of mistakes that can make the product really tasteless or even harmful.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you about the most common mistakes made when cooking potatoes. By following these tips, you can cook a really high-quality and tasty product.

How to cook delicious potatoes

1. The first water should be drained from the potatoes that have already sprouted during boiling. Do not bring it to a boil.

2. Mashed potatoes will darken if you add cold milk. Therefore, the ingredient must be warm.

Peeling potatoes

3. If you plan to make salads with potatoes, do not use varieties with a high starch content. This vegetable will boil very quickly.

4. It is not recommended to add soda or ammonium to the water to speed up the cooking of potatoes as they destroy vitamins.

Low-starch potatoes

5. Boiled potatoes should not be stored in the broth. They will become tasteless.

6. Vegetables should not be stored in the refrigerator. They should be kept at room temperature for two days before use. This is how potatoes will taste good.

Boiled potatoes salad

7. If you are using potatoes with a green tint on their skin or flesh, they should not be cooked unpeeled. You should always cut off all green areas. When boiling such a vegetable, solanine passes into the broth. Thu, if you cook it with the skin on, this substance partially remains in it.

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