Which coffee is the healthiest and most dangerous: an expert's answer

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Coffee is the most popular beverage that almost everyone loves and drinks. It's worth noting that 580-590 billion cups are consumed in the world every year. If this figure is converted into daily consumption, it turns out that every day the world's inhabitants drink 1.6 billion cups of the invigorating drink. Every five minutes, the world "drinks" 2 million cups of coffee.

Delicious coffee

Nutritionist Svitlana Fus shared on Instagram how to choose the right coffee, what to cook it in, and how to drink it without harming your health.

Expert advice

Which coffee is the healthiest

"Coffee should be consumed according to the rule that everything is good in moderation. And for coffee to be healthy, in addition to moderation in consumption, it is also necessary to choose and prepare it correctly. It is better to buy coffee beans. Ground coffee loses some of its flavor, so the most delicious is the one that is ground just before brewing," Fuss explained.

Coffee beans

Which coffee is the most harmful and dangerous

"Avoid solubility resulting from complex industrial processes. The worst is 3-in-1 coffee or instant cappuccino in bags. It contains a lot of sugar, unhealthy fats, and emulsifiers. And the flavor and odor enhancers added to such coffee can negatively affect liver function," the expert said.

Flavored coffee

How coffee affects the liver

"Natural coffee is not only not harmful to the liver, but in reasonable quantities it is beneficial. This benefit is determined by the presence of bitterness and antioxidants in the beans. However, it should be mentioned that milk and cream added to coffee reduce the activity of coffee antioxidants and make it difficult for the body to absorb them," the expert said.

Which coffee is the most harmful

How not to make coffee

"Avoid the popular type of preparation - pouring boiling water, that is coffee with floating coffee grounds. Such coffee contains a lot of diterpenes – cafestol and caffeoyl. These chemical compounds can increase the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and negatively affect liver function. Paper filters help to prevent caffeol and caffeostol, and the filter allows valuable antioxidants contained in coffee beans to pass through the filter into the drink. Do not boil coffee, as it loses not only its taste but also its benefits, it releases more harmful substances, especially from finely ground coffee, and destroys essential oils and useful antioxidants," the nutritionist said.

How to make coffee correctly

The best way to make coffee

"Glass and high-quality stainless steel are the safest, most non-toxic materials. Use them when brewing coffee!" said Fuss.

The best time to drink coffee

"Don't drink coffee on an empty stomach, it irritates the gastric mucosa. Do not drink coffee when you eat meat and other foods containing iron," the expert summarized.

What not to combine coffee with

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